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It is beginning to look quite a bit like Christmas!

It was again in Could once we first blogged about Joe’s new girlfriend. He had already been seeing her for awhile. She was mentioned on Mob Wives in the course of the second season in a scene when Joe and Carla had been at the gym collectively. Joe was telling Carla how well his girlfriend gets along with the kids and he thought it was nice. In the event you remember, a snarky, insecure and seemingly jealous Carla requested Joe, "Does she bring over her Barbie dolls?" Effectively, the girlfriend should be doing something proper because they are nonetheless collectively. They stay collectively, they have a dog, Achilles, collectively they usually spend plenty of time with the twins, Carmen and JoJo. Joe appears quite blissful along with his little family.

Girlfriend with "her man!"

When Joe bought out of prison there was loads of hypothesis that he and Carla would attempt to patch issues up. It appeared like Joe might have been inclined to strive. Carla’s mom at all times loved Joe and thought they ought to be collectively. Carla even mentioned she was ready for Joe to make some sort of effort to prove himself and show he had modified. And when she was requested about them ever getting back collectively she would answer, "never say never," conserving her coronary heart and door open. So what happened with that? Word on the road has it that Handy Man was nonetheless tinkering around in Carla's "toolbox." Soon after this Joe and his girlfriend acquired collectively and the remaining is history!

The girlfriend is all the time taking footage!
Here the twins are exhibiting how previous they're...10!

Joe and his girlfriend recently celebrated Carmen and JoJo's tenth birthday with them this past November. It looks like all of them had a very good time, doesn't it? The twins are adorable!

So Joe actually has lots to be thankful for this vacation season. He appears to have found himself a nice, lovely young lady who "loves her man" and strokes his ego. She is great with his youngsters. She has no luggage, no sags, no wrinkles, no handyman, like Carla aka "Scorching COOCHIE" (as Mob Mistress likes to call her). They appear wonderful and happy together. They go in all places together and at all times have time for the twins.

High quality time with Carmen! that an engagement ring? Thanks @MobBabyy!!!

And what about Thanksgiving? Nicely Carla aka Scorching Coochie spent it with Helpful, Massive Ang and her family, while Joe and his girlfriend appear to have had a pleasant, cozy little celebration at residence. The place have been the twins? Beats me.

Large Ang= Crew Carla

The Lovebirds!

And SOURCES inform us we are able to count on to see much more of Joe discount ferragamo belt outlet ferragamo belt outlet (please click the following article) in season three of Mob Wives along with his pretty girlfriend! The brand new season premieres on January 6th, 2013! The viewers and readers of the weblog appear to have fallen in love with this charismatic man. We additionally hear that Season Three is basically heating up and lines are being drawn! Associates are shortly becoming foes. Allegiances are being tested. And Mob Mistress says, "cunts will likely be revealed." There goes Mob Mistress, at all times protecting it actual!

One thing I am very positive of, if there may be ever a Crew Carla vs Team Joe, I am Workforce Joe all the way! Carla has always been my least favorite mob wife and I would not miss her one bit if she was changed. Talking of being changing Carla...I believe Joe has already achieved a very high quality job of that himself!