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India meets Portugal. Hindu temples, Portuguese fortifications, health spas, beach bars and hammocks. Goa ticks every one of the appropriate boxes in terms of beach ecstasy.

You will discover extensive sweeping bays along with rocky headlands, small coves along with large boulders capped together with Portuguese and Maratha fortifications as well as an unparalleled assortment of incredible beaches.

Goa’s popularity as being a beachfront and celebration paradise isn't misguided but there's also the vibrant marketplaces, grand church buildings, lush forest and wildlife reserves also as an limitless collection of exceptional Global multi-cuisine establishments.

Goa is divided into 3 regional regions, North, Central and South, each one reflecting different life-style. The North is the most ‘alive’, the capital and most exciting historical and architectural places will be in the very center along with the calm private beaches tend to be found in the Southern region.

Exercises and Tours

India’s smallest state provides a interestingly significant number of routines. Any time you think that a big change coming from the beach or perhaps your pool we can easily arrange excursions within Goa or bespoke itineraries into the neighboring states of Karnataka and Maharashtra. Here are some recommendations;

Day Tours

Have a tour of Old Goa featuring its wonderful cathedrals together with places of worship and visit untouched villages on obscured river islands. Explore grand Portuguese estates of South Goa for a glimpse into the state’s customs. Charter Goa’s only truly exclusive high end cruiser. Cruise along the Britona river or over to the Arabian Sea with sunset beverages on deck accompanied by a superb home made meal. See the varied varieties of wildlife in the jungle with the Western Ghats with lunch within a 4-star woodlands get away. Ocean game fishing on the Arabian Sea.


go on a tour from the wonderful world culture site of Hampi which boasts of several of the finest architectural wonders in India. Navigate to the sleepy Hindu pilgrimage town of Gokarna and spend the evening being pampered at a appealing 5-star spa hotel. River rafting on the ghats accompanied by a night’s high-end holiday villas found in goa - Luxury goa villas in a remote exclusive safari lodge.

Store shopping

Goa boasts a unique choice of Western/Indian markets along with authentic community town markets whilst each and every time of year sees the arrival of more boutique and custom shops.

Mapusa Marketplace

This is the current market hub of Northern Goa. The key market is loaded with appeal in addition to colour as well as being most popular on Fridays.

Margao Market

The broad covered market in the center of Margao, the second town of Goa, makes a great daytime trip straight into the unfamiliar.

Anjuna Flea Market

The ‘must do’ on a Thursday. This was the very first hippy market that has grown from the couple of small booths retailing paraphernalia on a terrace from the Sixties - Today you’ll find everything and anything brought in from all over India as well as abroad. There’s a variety of tourists, Goans, Banjara and Kashmiries, all plying their trade in this busy entertaining market.

‘Saturday Nite’ Market

Goans come down on Arpora every Saturday night; a store shopping mecca along with social melting pot. All out of the previously mentioned can be obtained here in conjunction with live music performance and an unlimited range of multi cuisine food items booths. The right place to meet and check what’s ‘happening’ in Goa.


Goa’s ultimate example of classy is owned by Claudia and Hari Ajwani (belonging to the exclusive Motel Nilaya) and is The best place for the most stunning interior pieces selected from all-around India.

Wendell Rodricks

You'll discover this fashion guru’s everyday wear all over the shop.